CTFd is an open source system to run Capture the Flag competitions

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions are how the top tier of cyber security professionals hone their skills and teach each other how to approach problems. A great many hacker honed their skills without breaking any laws by playing CTF competitions.

CTFd is a content management system designed to make it easy for you to run a CTF on your own. It’s got all the bells and whistles for you to make your event awesome.

CTFd gives you everything you need to run your own CTF

Easy to deploy

CTFd can be deployed in under a minute on almost any system

Secure against attackers

CTFd is written by security engineers who want to train the next generation

Easy to look at

A clean, beautiful theme combined with intuitive graphs make every CTF beautiful

Simple to use

The web interface is comprehensive and has everything you need to manage your event

Battle tested

Used by large companies, large universities, and small schools, CTFd has been deployed everywhere

Open source

CTFd is open source, so feel free to read the source code and contribute your

Let’s Make It Together

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Used for big events, little events, and everything in-between