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The Person Who Would Go

Finally, one day, I was cooking something, and I looked at the cupboard in front of me, and it occurred to me that the only question worth asking was: What kind of person do you want to be? Do you want to be a chicken shit, or do you want to go for it? Because that moment was one of those defining moments — not the moment when you are there, but the moment you are choosing you will be there — in which you prove who you are as a human being. So, I decided I would go. Because that’s who I wanted to be. The person who would go. Not the person who would not. After that, everything else was easy. But I didn’t get there by interning, by picking a group to which I wanted to belong, by starting a Twitter feed. I got there by moving so far outside my comfort zone that I had no idea what would happen.
— Susannah Breslin