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In Search of Wisdom

In Search of Wisdom?

I recently discovered Beyond Survival with Les Stroud, a documentary series where survival expert Stroud journeys the world, seeking the last indigenous tribes on the planet, to learn from them their secrets of survival – in short, in search of wisdom.

When I watch it, it stirs something in me – and I wonder if I've lost my way. The search for wisdom was what drove me to study Taoism and Wing Chun in my youth. It drove me to briefly become a life coach, and start Life Coaches Blog. It drove me to learn from magicians and Buddhist monks, to train with ninjas in Japan and meditate in silence for 10 days. It drove me to practice yoga and learn how to defend myself. It's the sub-title of this blog, and best represents the most powerful driving force in my life: The desire to learn more and be more.

All that feels far away now.

In my daily life, I sit at a desk most of the day and write into a computer about consumer technology. I love tech and I love writing with a deep passion. But I wonder if I've strayed from the path, if where I am is where I am supposed to be – if I've stopped searching for wisdom.