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WTF Life Coaching™

You know you're in trouble when the life coaching you went to get over your issues and get things done only uncovers more issues, which unfortunately, requires even more life coaching sessions, but damn, lucky for you, there's an upgrade package which will help you shave hundreds off the thousands of dollars extra you now need to cough up. You know, so you can go get things done.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you What The Fuck Life Coaching™, a revolutionary breakthrough in recursive navel-gazing and vertical up-selling.

Don't get me wrong. I'm good for meditative retreats, contemplative afternoons and friends telling me when I'm being a dumb-ass. (Did I say good? I navel-gazed for 10 days in meditative silence!)

But hey, if you're spending more time in that life coaching office than actually out there doing the stuff you wanted to get done, you are so fucked up the vertical up-sell my friend. A good coach is like a good doctor, the less time you spend in that office, the better off you are. Wasn't getting a life the reason you went in the first place?

Here's a suggestion: Stop digging for and releasing every little issue you think you might have before you think you'll be able to go do stuff. Then go and do some shit. And then you might find some ways to spend those thousands of dollars that are more fun than spending hours in an office figuring out why you're so fucked up. Cue The Pavlina money quote:

Obsession with figuring out why you're blocked is a block in itself, yet another way that procrastination manifests.

Ain't that the truth.